Identity Document Forgery Detection

Stay protected against digitally edited documents with ID Forgery today.

What is Identity Document Forgery?

Popularly called Document Fraud, this practice is used widely by changing the identity on the original identity document.

When one uses this malpractice, they edit out the important parts containing the unique identification marks, for example, passport number printed on the internal page of the passport.

Due to the increase in forgers, it has become hard to detect some fake documents. Moreover, it’s a matter of changing the smallest details, making way for a clearly planned but ultimately immoral act.

A Classic Case of Identity FrauD

As mentioned before, when we look at passports, this malpractice can take place easily by just substituting one page. One just has to replace the inner page containing the personal information of the existing owner with fake and fraudulent data.

Now, you must wonder why this has become so easy nowadays. The fraudsters pay attention to the smallest of details, thus actually retaining how a document looks naturally. Due to people’s increased dependence on passports and driving licenses, such fraud may go away unnoticed.

By opting for our Identity Document Forgery Detection service, you get a team of trained experts who keep a lookout for the tiniest errors that forgers make. It includes comparing the complete outlook of a document and finding out where the forgery has taken place.

While conducting this ID forgery detection service or Fake Document Detection, we use our efficiently developed ID forgery AI-based solution which helps in the easy identification of forged documents. With this expertly developed solution, it takes a little to no time to figure out where the errors lie. It’s an extremely practical solution that uses one of the leading technologies in the world, ensuring a smooth service.

There is a certain format in which every document is made. This service caters to this quality and identifies the fraud by comparing the differences between the original format and the forged document. This process of Identity Document Forgery Detection can be termed as a measure for anti-forging.


Achieve seamless and efficient websites/applications with automatic image-forgery prevention.

Enforce anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations on your website/application.

Round-the-clock and stringent measures reinforce the security of our servers.

The flexibility of API lets you achieve your goals regardless.

Automatize document photo verification to save time, money, and effort.

Reduce considerably the number of losses incurred due to fraudsters.

The world is making progress at a rapid pace. Sadly, not everyone uses it for ethical purposes; these people employ underhanded means like ID forgery to dupe others. We believe that these malpractices must end, which is why we equip you with a forgery detection program that checks such frauds.

How-to-scrutinize the documents for authenticity-factor?

How real are the documents?

Are the received images genuine?

Enhance Your Customer Acquisition
with Real-time Forgery Detection

The automatic forgery detection program that we have developed works in real-time to alert you as soon as a forged document comes by. This can help you differentiate between the worthy customers and those who are there only to make money with unethical means. Thus, with the help of our ID Forgery detection algorithm, you can enhance your prospects of acquiring customers and take your profits to whole new heights.

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