Fake Document Detection

Oct 21, 2021

How Automated Solutions Spot Fake Documents in 2021?

With the advent of technological advancements and extensive digitisation, document fraud or forgery has evolved as a principal cause of criminal activities, costing the global economy millions and billions of dollars every year.

Online criminals forge documents for several reasons such as, obtaining a loan or market a property or perform other illegal activities. 

Because of these technological improvements, fraudulent documents look genuine and fraudulent document detection can get challenging without appropriate automated or AI-based forgery detection tools.

How can automated solutions help in fake document detection?

Automated solutions, especially AI-based forgery detection, is enhancing document verification in several ways. Also, these automated solutions eliminated the need for a conventional manual document verification process that was slow, fallacious, and costly. 

Even if you have several people in your security team, manually processing hundreds and thousands of applications per day can never be a quick and comfortable process for the customers. 

This is where automated AI and machine learning comes at the rescue for banks to streamline identity verification processes and fraud prevention.

Mentioned hereunder are some verification steps included in an automated machine learning-based forgery detection process :

  • Low-friction document identification

In this step, the automated software asks new clients to upload a picture of their government-issued documents and a selfie directly through the application during document verification to eliminate all the possible odds of forgery. 

  • AI-based document scanning

Automated fraud detection software utilises Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms to interpret the data from the record and recognise any typography inconsistencies that could determine whether the document got modified or forged. 

Apart from this, the artificial intelligence-based fake document detection system matches the submitted document against a comprehensive database of distinguished genuine records and checks for all noticeable counterfeit marks. 

  • Facial data analysis

Once the documents get identified as genuine, the automated algorithm will employ complex facial recognition. This facial recognition method makes sure that the client’s face is identical to what appears on the document.

  • Final verdict

Once the facial recognition process gets completed, the automated system, after a few seconds, gives out the final verdict whether the submitted documents are genuine or not. 

Also, if the system finds out that the submitted records were fraudulent, the system blocks that document and transfers it to your security team for further review.

The bottom line 

Using automated solutions to enable fake document detection can make it convenient for businesses to scale their services and decrease the processing time required for manually identifying bulk records from long-drawn hours to mere seconds. 

Also, human errors get subdued as automated software scans standard and unusual patterns of record tampering and instantly inform you so that your team can remain cognizant. 

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