copy-move forgery detection for image processing

Nov 11, 2021

Why Is Copy-Move Forgery Detection Important In Image Processing?

With the accelerated progressions in digital image processing software, there is also a comprehensive advancement of mechanisms and methods for image forgery detection. Digital photographs are simple to manipulate due to the availability of compelling image editing and processing tools. 

One of the extensively employed image forgery methods is a copy-move forgery. This comprises copying some part of the image area and sticking it to another place to conceal or hide relevant data. All these manipulation methods leave particular artefacts on the photograph which are not apparent to the human eye but are detectable with technoscientific software. 

What is the aim of copy-move forgery detection?

Copy-move forgery is a technique where fraudsters remove and place an image in any other area to commit online fraud. 

The principal aim of copy-move forgery detection is to identify where the objects of an image get transferred from one place into another. Also, some of its primary goals include:

  • To ascertain the genuineness of an online image
  • To determine if a photograph has been forged or not
  • To identify the image components which have a tremendous possibility of image manipulation.

Also, when speaking of copy-move forgery detection, the initial step is to pick a good software that can readily detect altered images and validate image credibility in domains like government records, publications, or a court of law. 

Moreover, you must invest in software that can identify copy-move forgeries even if the pictured image area got modified (scaled, smeared etc.) before sticking into another region.

Importance of copy-move forgery detection in image processing

Every successful forgery detection method has one thing in common: it starts examining the given image by splitting it into fixed-size blocks. This is because it believes that forged segments are probably a connected component. Also, every detection will produce some fake positives in other fallacious matching areas. 

Furthermore, image manipulation systems and software are highly advanced and cannot get recognised by the human eye. This is why it is more than ever crucial to use copy-forgery detection methods, as it can help businesses identify whether the image visible are fraudulent or not.

The reason why copy-forgery image detection tools are gaining popularity is their ability to analyse images by their raw data. This evaluation of the image in its original form help eliminate the risk of image tampering and digital copy-move fraud.

In addition, this division of images into small-sized blocks makes the detection more efficient to achieve robust identical features for better copy-move forgery detection. Now that we have come to the end of this article, we can say that many businesses across diverse industries encounter the challenges of copy-move image forgery. 

Hence, to curb this widespread problem, more and more companies rely on automated software for copy-move forgery detection. If you are also suffering the same challenges right now, Accura Scan can help you get over it. 

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