importance of fake document detection

Jul 29, 2021

Why fake document detection become so important?

With the advent of technology and widespread digitalisation document forgery or fraud has grown a substantial cause of illegal actions, costing the world economy millions of dollars each year. The market of fraud detection and prevention (FDP) which was estimated to be around 19.5 billion U.S. dollars in the past years, now is anticipated to surpass 63 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2023. 

Documents are forged for innumerable reasons like to obtain a loan from financial institutions or to purchase or sell a property or to stay in any nation illegally or many more. Due to all these technological progressions today, fraudulent IDs and documents look highly realistic and fake document detection is challenging without suitable tools.

Why is it important to spot fake documents?

Even a few years ago, the use of fake documents and the number of identity frauds was restricted especially because the client onboarding normally took place in a physical place, principally in the branches of the various organisations. 

Now that almost every business sector and industry promotes the online onboarding of new clients, it has grown more comfortable for cybercriminals to forge documents to obtain illegal access. Hence, it has become more important than ever to detect fake documents and save yourself and your organisation from scams. Hence, to assist you in this process, mentioned below are a few tips that you can employ for forged document detection.

  • Check the submitted documents thoroughly

While investigating for fake documents, you must always examine a document thoroughly and inspect for visible errors. You can look for words that look blurred in comparison to the other words in the document. Usually, fake documents are initially scanned and then updated on the system, making the revised text slightly modified from the original content. In addition to this fraudsters sometimes commit errors by entering incorrect spellings or the address mentioned. Hence, it is important to verify the document completely and look for these inconsistencies. 

  • Use the right fake document inspection device 

Another way to detect fake documents is to use the right devices or tools. You can further take the help of a magnifier to inspect for any variations in the document or edits near or on the image. Moreover, UV (Ultra Violet) light can further be employed to scan fake documents, as forged images gleam under UV light. A document can likewise be taken in presence of transmitted light to examine security fibres and watermarks. There are additionally some online document scanners available that assist in verifying the authenticity of the documents immediately.

  • Inspect the database

To be absolutely sure, you must always check the documents against the database. While this method of forged document detection can be irksome and time-taking, it will prove advantageous against any sort of forgery. This process of inspecting the database comprises verifying documents online, checking the identity mentioned on a document over a diversity of databases. 

With high-level technology, it is growing hard to forge documents, however, fraudsters are now arriving with brand-new plans and are attempting everything to perform fraud and scam organisations. Nevertheless, these forgeries can easily be detected with the right tools and softwares. ID Forgery is one such tool that can help you in forgery prevention and protect your documents from fraudsters.